Dining Room Plans

Friday, May 13, 2016

I really need to start making headway around this house so I've picked the first room I'm going to spruce up...the dining room. You might think, "huh, that's weird you barely cook!" and while that's true I'm trying to turn over a new "cooking" leaf. And, when Loren and I ranked our house to-do list this room seemed like it had the least to do. :)

This is a picture from the house listing: 

And here's what we're dealing with now: 

Once I knew we were going to buy this house, I had started thinking that I might like to incorporate a little more navy blue into our decor. In the dining room I thought doing a dark blue on the upper portion of the wall and then adding some molding and a white to the bottom would be pretty. Last week while perusing Pinterest I found the perfect "pin" that had the blue I was looking for but a lot of my comfortable beiges.
The picture is from an old post at The Creativity Exchange and I just thought it was awesome! Unfortunately, the fabric pictured is a little too spendy for my budget but I'm hopeful I can find something similar that will work.

Here's the to-do list for the room:
 - paint walls & trim
 - add molding to lower portion of wall
 - purchase rug
 - make/buy curtains
 - purchase chairs (might be the most important thing!)
 - add art/personalization/flare

I actually picked up a rug from Ikea already and like it in the space. Might seem backwards to get the rug first but it's neutral and I was antsy to take out some of the echo in the room! Hopefully I'll be back with some progress next week. Hope you have a good weekend!


A Michigan Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2016

Over the weekend Loren and I headed to Michigan to celebrate Mother's Day with the important ladies in our lives. We haven't been able to spend Mother's Day with our Moms in at least ten years so it was fun to have the chance. Of course, we had our ever faithful roadtrip companion....

She's so cute. And the best little traveler. The weekend was full of fun. Loren and his Dad went to visit his Grandma. 

Then they met up with my Dad to all go golfing. It seemed like they all had a really great time. All three of them mentioned to me how much fun they had together. Made me smile that they had such a good time as a group. 

While Loren was getting his male bonding time in, I went and got my hair chopped off!! 

I hadn't had a haircut since Christmas and after a slightly dramatic Facebook post on the subject, my lifesaver of a friend/hair stylist Kristy squeezed me in! I think she cut about 4 inches off and I'm loving the fresh do! The picture is one I sent to my sister in an "OMG! Look what I did moment!" :)

That evening my Mom and I picked up my Grandma and us gals went to the Mother-Daughter banquet at Grandma's church. It was nice to spend time with them both. 

Sunday was spent visiting with family and Loren's Mom and I made a trip to the Pottery Barn outlet before we had to head back to Chicagoland. It was a quick and fun weekend. Looking forward to another visit soon! 


Moving In

Friday, May 6, 2016

Right after our busy trip to Washington, we scheduled movers to come and load up our belongings from storage and deliver them to the new house. It was a crazy, busy day but it was so great to see our stuff after a few months!

The movers did a great job getting everything into the house, and I started unpacking right away. Right away I noticed some damage to a few pieces of furniture but the majority of our stuff arrived in good condition. 

It has to look worse before it gets better right?! My unpacking method is basically to get things out of the boxes and then find places to put it away. I feel like it's easier to clean up when you can see everything instead of just having boxes everywhere.

Things are starting to look better...the garage still has some unpacked boxes, and some items that still need to find a home but in general it's making a little more sense.

Next up is getting some more personal touches up so it feels like we live here. I know the walls need to be painted but we love having pictures up so I'm willing to hang stuff up and take it back down. 

Anyway, wanted to give an update on things. As always, thanks for stopping by!


Weekend Review

Monday, May 2, 2016

A quick recap of our weekend...it was a good mix of fun, relaxing, and working.

The Friday fun started by spending the afternoon with my cousin. We hung out in Wicker Park; shopped around and had lunch at Big Star. This was my first time eating at Big Star and I'd heard so much about that my expectations were pretty high...and I have to say, I wasn't that impressed. The tacos were fine, the drinks fine, service was good but it just didn't feel worthy of the hype. Glad we came for a late lunch instead of waiting out the long lines for dinner. I didn't take any pictures because I've grown to feel sort of silly taking pictures of my food. Sorry :)

Friday night Loren and I had decided to spend the night in the city. We still have our apartment until the end of May so we're using it as a hang out spot to crash when we want to. Loren find an amazing job picking a dinner place using my criteria of "good food that's not fried crap, but still not a fancy place" and took me to Ditka's. I didn't really know what to expect but it was perfect! Relaxed atmosphere but DELICIOUS food! I honestly would've gone back every night this weekend. It was that good. Again, no food pics but if you're in the city I'd definitely recommend it. 

The main reason we'd decided to spend a night in the city was because we wanted to go to Draft Town. Of course, Saturday it was cold, windy, and pouring down rain but we went anyway. It was fun and I took lots of pictures with Patriots goodies.

I finally found a hat that's my size! Haha! I have a jumbo sized noggin.

Isn't that the most intimidating face you've ever seen?!

We spent the rest of the weekend just working on the house and trying to get things organized. We brought back a bunch of stuff from our apartment so it was a whole new wave of crap belongings to put away. Thanks for reading this rambling post! Happy Monday!


Life Lately

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hi friends! Stopping by for a quick update on things. We've been working on moving into our new place and I'm getting a post about that together to share soon but thought I'd just give a quick look at what we've been up to lately.

Loren and I went to game four of the Blackhawks playoffs. While the home team lost (and ended up losing the series) we still had a good time. Hockey at the United Center has yet to disappoint me.

My parents came to visit and check out our new place. It was so nice to see them and to get some help around the house! They came and helped with whatever we asked and I SO appreciated it. I like to do the unpacking on my own but really needed help with outdoor work so that's what they did. My Mom was awesome at raking and picking weeds/sticks out of the yard and my Dad helped Loren clean out our gutters which were practically growing trees! We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of fun though! They'd never been to Chicago so we took them to see our apartment and then showed them around town a bit.

Such a fun weekend! Since we've been staying at the house I'm playing carpool Mom and driving Loren to and from the train station. Ruby always joins me and it's so cute watching her wait for her Daddy!

It's also cute watching the strangers smile at her while they walk by. She makes everyone smile! :) Side note, Ruby tried a new daycare today and it seems like a great place. I'm so impressed with how well she's done during this move, it really blows my mind. It seems like as long as she knows we're still here with her, she's okay. Love that pup.

Anyway, I think that's a good update! I'll be back soon with a move-in report.

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