A Date at Pike Place Market

Thursday, September 22, 2016

During our recent visit to Washington, Loren and I actually had a few opportunities to spend some time just the two of us. Normally when we visit our schedule is so packed with meeting up with people (which we love!) that we don't do much on our own so this was a fun little bonus.

The day we got into town we decided to head to Pike Place Market and explore for a few hours before heading to Everett. I love going to the market just to take in the sights. This is my favorite corner. I have a thing for clocks, I'm always googly eyed over clocks when we visit places and this one is no exception. You can see it was a weird cloudy/bright day so some of these pictures aren't the best.

My favorite thing to look at will always be all the flowers. They're just so beautiful. And affordable! Obviously the fish is interesting to look at, and if you're lucky enough to catch the fish being thrown that's really fun but the flowers just have a special spot in my heart.

This jeweler had bracelets with quotes stamped onto them, and one said "I kiss my dog on the lips". It took a lot of self control to not buy it. But I thought it was super cute and quirky for a dog lover. :)

After walking around the market for a bit we strolled over to a new (to us) brewery, Old Stone Brewing Co. They had some snacks and sandwiches that you could order, and obviously beer. I liked that they served hard cider and wine as well since some breweries aren't so accommodating to us non-brew drinkers.

What a cutie. After leaving the city we went to our favorite sushi place for a quick lunch, it was the nicest day to spend with my favorite guy.

It's so fun to be a tourist in your own (old) city.  Thanks so much for reading, I truly appreciate it!


Diablo Lake

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Loren and I just got back from a long weekend visit to Washington and while we were there we decided to take a day trip to Diablo Lake. I'd actually never even heard of Diablo Lake until we moved away, turns out it was only two hours away from our old house! Anyway, after breakfast Loren, my sister, and I headed out.

We took Hwy 20 to get there and it was a beautiful drive. I can only imagine how gorgeous it'll be in a few weeks when the leaves change colors.

Once we arrived at the lake it was even more pretty than I anticipated. The water is the prettiest turquoise color and surrounded by the mountains. The overlook had some picnic spots and we regretted not thinking to bring a lunch or snack with us.

Laura's colorful braid was such a hit that a lady visiting from Italy asked (through an interpreter) if she could take a picture. We proceeded to call Laura an international supermodel. :)

After we left the overlook we found a spot along the highway where you could go for a hike, we decided against a hike since we were all wearing sandals (and lazy) but it was nice to see the water up close. Loren and I dipped our toes in and holy smokes was the water cold!

After that we decided to head back since we all had plans that evening. It was a fun little day trip and I'd totally recommend it if you're in the Seattle area. It's a quick and easy drive and pretty almost the entire way. I enjoyed having a couple of my favorite people stuck in the car with me all day! :)


Weekend in Montreal

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Loren and I recently spent a quick weekend in the Canadian Province of Quebec. We spent most of our time in Montreal and also took a day trip up to Quebec City, today I'm going to share our adventures in Montreal.

We flew on Porter Airlines, a discount Canadian carrier. It was our first time and actually a pretty good experience. It seems that all of their flights stop in Toronto but the airport was so nice. The airline had a lounge set-up with complimentary snacks and drinks. And, mostly importantly, LOTS of power outlets! :)

We decided to spend our first afternoon exploring Old Montreal, specifically the Old Port area. We took the Metro public transportation from our neighborhood to the Champs-de-Mars stop and walked from there. The streets leading us to the Old Port were beautiful and had such a European feel to the area.

We finally made it to the Old Port of town and it was really cute! There were vendors set up selling random things, but my favorite was walking along the water.

We walked to the clock tower...I have a love for clock towers. :) After that we decided to hit up one of the rooftop bars we'd noticed while out walking. We ended up at Terrasse Sur L'Auberge. The views were incredible and the drinks were good. They had a small menu but we just had a drink and left. There was a line to get in so we didn't want to hog our table. Plus, I wanted poutine.

We walked back to Rue St Paul which is a hopping area of town. Lots of souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, and gelato shops. People in Montreal seem to really enjoy gelato. After browsing the shops for a magnet, we stopped at 3 Brasseurs for dinner. It's a brewery so Loren was a happy camper. That was about all we could handle for the first day and headed back to the hotel for the night.

Day two in Montreal started with some super delicious bagels. We went to Fairmount Bagel. The company started in 1919 but became Fairmount Bagel in 1949. The bagels are rolled by hand and then baked in a wood-fired oven and SO DELICIOUS! Seriously, so so good.

After carb loading (we may have went back for a second helping of bagels), we started a long walk to Mont Royal. It was a hike to get up to the top, and I wouldn't recommend wearing sandals but the views were gorgeous. And there was a building with snacks and a shop at the top to cool down and relax. There were actually several people in there napping! We passed on the nap and just enjoyed the shade for a bit.

Once we reached the bottom again we grabbed an Uber (which are actually illegal in Montreal and was a little scary) to Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. The basilica was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. We'd heard that it was blue inside and I was sort of skeptical but wow. 

We were starving again by this point and headed back over to Rue Sainte Paul for a late lunch. We ate outside at this sports bar called La Cage. They had the most delicious lemonade and apparently the beer was good too. :) The atmosphere was nice, being outside and able to people watch. 

That's pretty much the end of our excursions in Montreal. We had so much visiting, it was a fun little getaway. If you have the chance to go, I'd really recommend it. And, I'm thankful to my cousin for all the travel tips before we left! Our last full day we took a trip to Quebec City and I'll be back to share those details soon. Thanks for reading and letting me share our adventure with you! 


Yes, I ate poutine everyday! :)
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