Our Current House

We moved into our current home in Naperville, Illinois in April 2016 so we haven't made too many changes yet. The photos I'm sharing here are all from the listing of the house and I'll update them as we get things spruced up!

Exterior (front) - we'd like to get rid of the maroon color and make the white garage blend in a bit more. We also plan to spruce up the landscaping a bit (especially remove the red mulch).We'd also like to box in the columns on the porch to be more streamlined and modern. 

Entryway - I'm currently on the hunt for a table to put in the space and a new rug too!

Formal living room - We recently bought some new-to-us furniture for this room so I'll have to get an updated picture soon!

Family room - We plan to install a gas fireplace and currently we just threw our old living room furniture in the space so we have a place to hang out. I'll update with our personal photos soon.

Kitchen - Oh boy...the kitchen. It's looking like the kitchen is going to get a complete renovation. The cabinets look like they're in great shape but they're not and the island is comically small. We plan to replace pretty much everything, including the flooring.

Dining Room - the room I'm planning to tackle first  (because it needs the least amount of work!). We have our table from the last house and I'm working to finalize updated paint colors.

Half Bathroom - the wallpaper, yikes. It's got to go. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with the walls in here and we probably will wait to do much work until we have the tile replaced so we're not installing and reinstalling sinks, etc. But we plan to add a vanity for storage and replace the light fixture with something less ornate.

Laundry Room - I'm so excited to have an actual laundry room! There's a utility sink and cabinets that you can't see in this photo. We plan to paint the cabinets, add countertops, and install a hanging rod for clothes to dry. Oh ,and replace that gorgeous curtain. :)

Master Bedroom - yikes, this space needs some work. We've decided to upgrade to a king sized bed so for now we have our old mattress on the floor and our dresser from our previous house. This is definitely not the relaxing bedroom you want to come home to at the moment but it's a great space that I'm excited to better utilize.

Master Bathroom - good enough, we'll add some personal touches and call it good.

Guest Bedroom 1 - We inherited a gorgeous iron bed that we're planning to put in this space and it'll be a guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom 2 - this bedroom will likely get the furniture we had in our master bedroom at our first house. That's pretty much as far as I've gone with ideas for this room.

Loren's Office - this room will be Loren's computer room. We brought the loveseat from our last house but Loren's desk unfortunately didn't survive the move. We're on the lookout for something now because I'd really like to have a nice place set up for him to work (and play).

2nd Bathroom - The 2nd bathroom is honestly pretty great. We'll just add some personality to the space and be done.

Exterior (back) - The deck desperately needed to be cleaned (which we did recently!) and we're getting furniture to put in the space. We're also thinking about adding a cement patio to the side of the existing deck for more of a lounging/fire pit area.

Again, these are all pictures from the listing of our house. I'll update with the current status of the house soon!


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