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Monday, July 6, 2009

I've just spent the past hour responding to various messages via the interwebs and thinking about what a vicious circle it is. While it's fantastic to be able to keep in touch with friends all over the country (and a few special pals in Canada & Belgium) it's much more fun to get real mail. That being said how often do people actually even send a real email!? It's more like a facebook "comment" of 'Hey - hope all is well' which is nice to let people know that you're thinking of them but still a little lacking. Just to be clear I am equally guilty of communicating this way; no soap box here. Personally - I think I trick myself into thinking it's more convenient for the recipients to be able to respond at their leisure rather than when I decide to call them. Grrr...very frustrating.

I also find it sad that people think it's annoying to mail things! WHAT?!?! Getting mail is one of my favorite things of the day. It drives me bonkers when Loren gets the mail without me. I love getting packages or even nice little cards or notes. I also subscribe to magazines mainly just to get something fun in the mail! Plus - my mom works at the Post Office so I try to help keep her employed!

ANYWAYS - as part of my silent new year's resolution (I guess the jig is up now!!) I planned to keep in touch with friends and family better. So far I would rate myself with a 60% improvement. I've been sending more birthday cards but they're late more often than not. I will willingly admit that I am not good at giving people a call...but that's about to change. There is approximately 6 months left of the year for me to really kick it into gear. Watch out friends & fam - there are lots of Hallmark cards and phone calls coming your way!!


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