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Thursday, August 27, 2009

So long since there have been any updates - apparently I'm a starving blogger (which I hope translates to trying hard but not be very successful...however, I am actually a little hungry too..coincidence?). Anywho, I have a sortof good excuse. I've been a very busy bee with family out to visit. Which is super wonderful but also exhausting.

First - my super fab sister Laura came to visit (for the 2nd time this year!). She's lots and lots of fun and isn't into all that tourist bologna so we can just hang out and act silly. We happened to have a heat wave while she was visiting - lucky her! We celebrated summer by playing in the sprinkler like we did when were little. We even let Loren in on a few of our sprinkler trying to put your face as close as possible to the actual sprinkler...he didn't get it but we think it's the best! :) We also like to focus on shopping and eating yummy food. My sister is amazing and I think she's grown to be a lovely young lady. Though I will admit, I get a little emotional sometimes because she's so grown-up now but I'm happy to have her as my friend. <3
Then my grandparents came to visit. This was also lots of fun but in a much different way...they're not too into sprinklers. We took them out to see a few sights and were able to take them to Boeing family day (BFD). BFD is pretty freakin' cool because it's the one time a year that you can actually show people what your job looks like. They can enter the pearly gates of Boeing. I think it's kinda fun that it's such a secret little island - makes me feel fancy. Anyway I'm off topic...we also got to play Mexican train dominoes which is super fun. It was nice to be able to spend time with them. And interesting to see the change in hosting.

Loren's grandma Sandy is arriving in two weeks and we'll have lots of fun then. AND drum roll family is coming for Christmas!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! That means we don't have to go ANYWHERE! YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! However, it will be sad and strange to not spend Christmas with Loren's family...the last nine Christmases I've been with them. Next year I think we're hoping they come out.

This is getting a little long winded but the point is - family is awesome. While sometimes they might drive you up the wall, they are really what life is all about. I have to say that I feel extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family (in-laws definitely included!!!). They're just a fun bunch and I miss them lots. I've realized that it's important to make the time to call and keep in touch. Go visit when the occasion calls for it. Make sure you really treasure the time you have with your's one the most precious gifts of all. xoxox - k

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  1. i LOVE those sprinkler pictures. they make me summer-sick!!!
    family is the best :)


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