Busy Bee - UPDATE!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You might remember the to-do list from before Christmas...it looked like this:

1. Repaint all trim - 80% complete
2. Replace and paint all interior doors - DONE
3. Paint stairway and upstairs hall - DONE
4. Paint entry bench
5. Replace kitchen countertops
6. Repaint front door - DONE
7. Replace blinds to match new trim - 20% complete
8. Paint half bathroom

WELL - I'm happy to report that most of those tasks have been completed! And before the Christmas deadline! I did give up getting the half bathroom painted before the holidays but it's done now. DONE!!! It was pretty much a Christmas miracle but now I can just focus on getting some decor things finished up in the living room. I think I'm lacking some lighting in the living room and I have my eye on a few lamps but we'll see what happens. A few pics of the updates below...


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