Top 10 TV shows ever!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love love LOVE watching TV. I think it's a perfectly lovely hobby and enjoy it very much. Below is a list of my all time favorite TV shows...

10. Chelsea Lately
9. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
8. Saved by the Bell (normal cast...not new class, college, or jr. high episodes)
7. Live with Regis & Kelly
6. Reba
5. Glee
4. Grey's Anatomy
3. Sex and the City
2. Friends
1. Gilmore Girls!!!

So sad that a lot of these shows are no longer on the air...or couples aren't married anymore. But I still love them. I could watch Gilmore Girl episodes all day, everyday. Loren always make fun of me for it but it's really just the best show ever. If you've never should start. You'll thank me later. That show is bananas. ;)


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