Friday night's alright for dating...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Friday Loren and I went on a little date. We decided to finally check out the newish Hard Rock Cafe downtown. It was really cool but nothing to really get too excited about. The best part is obviously the location. It's about a block from Pike Place and also has a rooftop bar. The best part of the dinner was just hanging out with Loren. He's so busy lately that I have really learned to appreciate the time I get to spend with him. There's a few pics below...

After dinner I somehow managed to get Loren to take me to H&M. I got a few little things and stuff is so cheap there! Then we went to see Letters to Juliet. Sooooo good. It was a lovely time and just so happened to be our 5 year engagement anniversary. Hahaha! Love ya babe!


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