Shopping adventure

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today I figured that while Loren was at school I'd entertain myself by going shopping. I definitely need to get a dress for Loren's graduation so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I decided to make the trek down to the Southcenter mall because they have Delia's and Charlotte Russe. Anyways...I'm browsing along all by myself and decided that I should get a pretzel. Right after I get my pretzel...BAM!! Sirens and alarms inside the mall start going off. Then an announcement starts playing throughout the mall telling shoppers to evacuate because there's a FIRE! So everyone starts hauling outside, which was ridiculous. Pictures of the madness below...

After about ten minutes or so we got to go back inside. And we'd been inside about five minutes when the alarm started going off AGAIN! Only for a second and they made an announcement that it was just because the alarm had to be reset. Anyway, that's my adventure at the mall today. And...I didn't find a dress. :(


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