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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last weekend was Loren's Master's graduation! He got his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. We had a really busy fun weekend full of ceremonies and celebrations.

Loren was gone last week for work so before he got home I decorated the living room and kitchen for him. I just wanted things to be really exciting for him. I made some cupcakes for him too...everyone likes cupcakes!

Friday was just a little celebration. Loren and I went to his Electrical Engineering graduation. It was a pretty short ceremony but nice. And they called everyones name trhat was graduating. The lighting in the auditorium was stupid so my pictures are terrible. But I was able to get a few good ones after the ceremony. After this little shindig we went to happy hour at The Rock. Mini-celebration = lovely.

Saturday was the big day! Graduation ceremony at Husky Stadium. It was really neat. I've never been to a graduation of this size. It was so fancy and exciting. Thankfully the weather was awesome which is a big change for us. The ceremony was VERY long and they only announced the names of people getting doctorate degrees but it was still neat to see Loren walk across the big fancy stage. And Loren has on the Huskytron!! I think that means he'll be on the graduation DVD so that will be nice for our family to see since they weren't able to make it to the actual ceremonies.

After graduation we went to dinner with all our pals. We went to Rock Bottom in Seattle and it was pretty nice.

After dinner it was almost time to hit up the bar. We did make a quick little pit stop to see the Fremont Troll...

Soon enough it was party time. Lots of friends came out to the Ballroom in Fremont for drinks, pool, and dancing. It was a really great time and so nice for everyone to help Loren celebrate his success. I know he had an awesome time and that is definitely the most important thing.

Overall it was a really great time. I'm so excited for Loren. He really did an amazing job getting done with school so quickly all while working full-time. His dedication was really inspiring. I'm so so SO proud of him. And now we have the whole summer to have lots of fun!!


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