Olympic National Park Adventure

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last weekend Loren and I took a little weekend trip to the Olympic Peninsula. We've been wanting to go over and visit the National Park and I've been wanting to go to Forks to check for vampires! ;)

We took off Friday night and drove to Port Angeles. Getting over to the Peninsula on Friday was really just so we get an early start on Saturday morning. The drive over was beautiful - I love taking the ferry. We got to Port Angeles and it was a cute little town. It actually reminded me of the town we went to college. Anyway...we decided to check into our motel and explore a little. Now, in general, Loren and I are willing to stay in some questionable hotels/motels but the place we stayed Friday night was a REAL doosy. It was the smallest room I've ever seen. It was super sketchy. So bad I wouldn't even take my socks off. Definitely gave me the creeps. The night life in PA wasn't anything too get excited about but the drinks were cheap!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to head over to the park. Our first destination was Hurricane Ridge. It was a beautiful area up in the mountains. There was a little trail but it was partially blocked by snow still. There were tons of deer there! TONS!! And they were so friendly and calm towards all the visitors. I got some up close photos of them.

We left Hurricane Ridge and headed to Marymere Falls with a pit stop on the way at Lake Cresent. Both locations were outstanding. I love love LOVE water. I was in love with all the gorgeous sights. I especially loved the waterfall. And the big pretty lake. Maybe I can't decide which one I liked the best.

The last park stop on Saturday was Sol Duc Falls. This waterfall was also lovely. On the walk to the top to there were these mossy rocks and I'm pretty sure they were magic. I know it's silly but they were just so special. Such a great hike.

After all that exploring we finally finished the day in Forks. We stayed in Forks Saturday night. I was really excited to go there but in the end I kind of felt like it was a little underwhelming. I mean there's cheesy Twilight stuff everywhere but that just made me feel like a dork! We did go out to La Push to check out Rialto Beach. And, in the words of Rachel Zoe...it was bananas. The most breathtaking site. The ocean and waves with the big sea stacks out in the water...combined with all the smooth driftwood on the shore. So pretty. We snuck some wine in my LuluLemon water jug and sat there relaxing. Definitely a peaceful location. I also played in the waves a bit but the water is freezing!

Sunday was our last little adventure. Our last stop was Hoh Rain Forest. We're unsure of the proper pronunciation so we call it 'Hoe Forest'. Anyway, again the sites there were really pretty. Lots and lots of mossy trees. Trees growing in the strangest formations. The trails were great and really allowed you to enjoy the forest.

So that was our trip. I know there are a ton of photos but it was just too pretty not to share. We had a great time and I'm glad that we finally got the chance to go visit. Anyone else been to Olympic National Park? Or any other National Parks in general?


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