Birthday Celebration(s)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last week when I posted about it being Loren's birthday...I didn't mention that it was my birthday as well. That's right, Loren and I have the same birthday - except he's a year older than me. :) We had a great birthday together even though Loren was a little sneaky about what our plans were...

Turns out we went to a super tasty dinner at Salty's over on Alki beach. It was just beautiful and the food was amazing! Plus, Loren had told them it was our birthday when making the reservation so we even had balloons on our table! Lovely!

We ate our yummy dinner and then headed out to walk the beach. I'd never been over to Alki so it was a great experience for me. It's a gorgeous view of the sound and downtown Seattle and I'm glad Loren planned for us to enjoy our birthday at this location.

We had also planned to go see the Kings of Leon concert this weekend at the Gorge Amphithere as part of our celebration. It's a few hours drive to get there so we camped overnight. Everything about the trip was great; weather, location, and music. We were even able to sneak in a little bit of swimming in the Columbia River! The concert was awesome!! KOL did a great job live and being surrounded by such beautiful scenery was unbelieveable.

Anyway - that's what we did for our birthday. It was a ton of fun and I love sharing the day with Loren!


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