Quick Organization Upgrade

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our console table is the first thing you see when entering our house. That said, it's become a storage spot for a lot of things we need easy access to on our way in/out of the house everyday.

I had previously purchased a small basket to corral hats, scarves, etc. but we were still dealing with gym bags or just random work out gear in a pile. It looked like a mess and drove me crazy. Plus the basket was always overflowing - not good.

I decided to fill the entire area under the table with baskets or bins of some sort. I measured the area and headed off to Michael's. I ended up deciding on some baskets that are more of a nylon type fabric, I'm hoping that they'll hold up better to our sneakers. Best of all, Michael's has all baskets on sale 40% off! Wahoo!!

Once I got home it took me about five minutes to put everything in the baskets and it is such a great improvement! Easy, practical, and MUCH better looking! I think it'll make it so much easier to find our stuff on the way out the door and easier to put away once we're done. Easy organization is key...especially when there's boys involved! :)

I've got the organizational bug lately and I'm planning to tackle a few more areas of the house in the coming weeks. Have you done any small or large organization projects lately?


  1. Make sure to take the tags off!

  2. Hahaha! Nice observation. I tend to leave the tags on things until I'm ultra sure I don't want to take it back.


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