Summer fun

Monday, August 16, 2010

We've been having a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest and while it's fun (to me anyways) it makes doing anything useful practically impossible. I had great plans to get all kinds of useful things done over the weekend but enjoying the small amount of good weather we get was way more important.

Our weekend was filled with lots of traditional summer fun: swimming, laying out by the pool, putt-putt golf, and ice creams cones. Oh yeah, and a ridiculous action movie (The Expendables). Here's some photo documentation:

Our temps are suppose to cool down over the next couple days and while that makes me sad I know my productivity will go through the roof! Well, that might be stretching it but it should improve anyways! :) What about everyone else? Do you have a tough time ignoring summer fun and focusing on projects? And if not...any pointers for a summer lovin' gal like me?!

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  1. When it gets hot here in Austin, which is March to October, nothing outdoors gets done. NADA!


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