Table Lamp Success!

Monday, September 27, 2010

You might remember my heartbreak during the summer over a pair of gorgeous table lamps from T.J.Maxx, every since I've been on the hunt for a pair of lamps for the living room. The problem was that every time I found something I liked the price tag scared me away. Finally I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands...

Here's a picture of the inspiration lamp from T.J's:

Last week I found these gems at Goodwill.

Pretty huh?! But I was hoping that a nice coat of spray paint would turn them into something lovely so that's where I started. I washed them up and then got the spray paint out. I decided to use Rust-oleum All-Surface Paint (shocking, I know!) in gloss black. I sprayed the lamps with several light coats of paint and then left them in the garage to dry.

While the lamp bases were drying I went inside to work on the lamp shades. I had purchased some basic lamp shades from Lowe's and then grabbed some black ribbon from JoAnn's. I decided to use hot glue to adhere the ribbon. It worked great for me but I'm sure there are a lot of different ways you could do it. I just lined the ribbon around the top and bottom, following the edge of the shade and glued a small section at a time.

Really that was it. I did find a run in my paint so I sanded that little spot and painted another coat but hopefully that won't be necessary if you decide to try it! I had also purchased some black finials from Lowe's as well. I assembled the lamps and loved the result!

And here they are in the living room in all their glowing beauty!

What do you think? I feel like it was a success! Has anyone else been spray painting things beautiful lately?


  1. I love your blog, and these lamps are so cute! They look just like the TJMaxx ones! So cute, i feel like all i do is spray paint stuff :) Recently i painted a few lamps and some candle sticks that i turned into cake plates!

  2. Love them! Great job - they work really well!

  3. Thanks for your super sweet comments everyone! They brought a big ol' cheesy smile to my face!

  4. Awesome! I am in a lamp re-do phase myself. they look really great in that space. !

  5. Good work! They look great! I'm in the market for a new living room lamp or two, and wasn't sure if spray paint on a thrift store find would work. Thanks to you (and Katie Bower), I see it's a success!

  6. The lamps look great! I really like the ribbon you've added to the shades, too. Just stopping by from Bower Power.

  7. Those really turned out great!! Gotta love spray paint! I'm really getting into spray painting myself. The finials and the ribbons on the lampshades make them even more special and high end looking!

  8. I love spray paint! I just found a couple lamps that are awaiting their turn in the spray paint. I hope they turn out as beautiful as yours!


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