Sheer be gone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've been trying to work on my end of year to-do list and trying to find a solution for the sheer on our backdoor. We've had this sheer on our backdoor since we moved in. It's annoying for a few reasons; it's ugly and it doesn't block the light out very well. Here's a refresher of what the sheer looks like:

We were finally able to find something to fix this issue. While we were browsing at Home Depot a few weeks ago we saw this enclosed blind treatment. They didn't have any in-stock so I came home and ordered that bad boy ASAP. On a side note, I've never ordered anything online from Home Depot before but my order got here QUICK. To order in the store they said it'd be three weeks, ordered online and it took three DAYS! Lovely. Anyway, the enclosure got delivered and we had to figure out how to install it. It came with zero directions but after some digged on the manufacturer's website we found some instructions. And they're super easy. Score!

After we removed the old gross sheer and accompanying rods we got down to business. First thing was to get it out of the box. Easy. Next step was to hang the bracket. Our enclosure is a little bit bigger than our actual window so we held it up to the door a few times before deciding where the best location was. Once you pick your bracket spot then you just screw it into the door.

At the bottom of the enclosure are two pieces of adhesive, kind of like the 3M hook strip thingys.

Anyway, you peel off the cover, line up the enclosure on the bracket, and push it down into place. Seriously. It's that easy. Check it out...

I love it! Now, to be completely truthful we did have to take ours off because we failed to verify that our blinds know, twist up and down to allow more/less light. Once we got it installed we realized that we had no twisty action. The instructions said that you could remove it and restick but we were nervous. Well, you can. No problem. Because...the adhesive is on velcro! So the sticky piece stayed on the door and velcro allowed us to remove the enclosure and get our twist on! Now, it's perfection. Here's a comparison:

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have gotten rid of that hideous sheer. What do you think?

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