Something Awesome Happened!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I do not consider myself to be a lucky person. In fact, normally I say that I used all my luck up by getting to have Loren for my hubby (gag, I know!) but yesterday something SUPER lucky happened to me. I won a $500 gift card to Z Gallerie courtesy of Young House Love! I was so shocked and then amazed! After I got done happy dancing around our living room I got done to browsing! I'm such a cheapo that spending $500 bucks actually freaks me out a little bit but I think I'll be able to manage. ;) Here's a few things I have my eye on:

White Bloom Canvas

Estrella Tealight Holders

Cabbage Rose Pillow White Ceramic Rhino (in honor of YHL!)

Nantucket Pillow

Montebello Jars

Colonial Accent Chair
So, those are the things I'm checking out at the moment. Anyone else doing an online buying or browsing? I'd love to see what everyone else is digging!
*All photos courtesy of Z Gallerie.


  1. Congrats on the win at YHL! Can't wait to see what you purchase with the gift card :)

  2. You ARE super lucky!! I applied for that gift card as well! (obviously not the winner but thats okay!!) Looks like your getting some awesome stuff. I love the chair and the tribute to Sherry's obsession :)..Congrats!!

  3. That's amazing!!! Someone always has to win, right?! I saw their post announcing you right after your post came through my reader! woohoo! winning is so fun! (we won a painting from David Bromstad a few months ago so I totally know the feeling!)

  4. Congrats! Have fun browsing and figuring out what you want for your home -- for those who didn't win, Z Gallerie actually gives out 10 $100 gift certificates a month to folks who sign up for email -- so you could still win a gift card!


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