A Very Lovely Christmas Tree

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last year was the first year Loren and I had a real Christmas tree and it was amazing. It was big and luscious and smelled so super delicious. This year I got our good ol' artifical tree out...it was horrible. You know how something is fine until you have something better?! It's impossible to go back to the "fine" thing. It is to me anyway. I knew the next thing I had to do was convince Loren. And that was going to be a bit tricky. To make a long story short (and to cover up for some embarrassing emotion meltdowns!) I got Loren to agree to look at a new artifical tree...but they just weren't working for us. They were expensive and still not looking so hot. Then we took a peak at the real trees. We were only at Lowe's but it was like magic. The trees all smelled so good and seemed so nice. BUT then we decided it probably wasn't the best idea to get one so we left. And I was depressed. (I swear this story is almost over!) I came home and continued feeling sorry for myself the rest of my life. Even emailing a lady on craigslist who was giving away a free fake tree - with lights that didn't work. Pathetic.

Here comes the good part...the next day, Loren sent me a note during work that said "hey, after work do want to pick up a tree and decorate it?". I couldn't believe it!! A REAL TREE!!!! Woot woot! So that's what we did. After work we headed over to Lowe's again and picked out a lovely fresh tree. We finally got it home, which was a whole other debacle, but we made it. And decorated it. And it's awesome. :)

My favorite ornament - we got it on our honeymoon.

And I love this Little Mermaid ornament. It makes noise!

So that's the adventure of our Christmas tree this year. I'm so happy to have it up and decorated. I love staring at all the pretty ornaments we've collected. Do you have a favorite ornament that you look forward to displaying every year? Or maybe a tradition of getting a new tree bulb when you go on vacation? Let me know! And I'll be back soon to show you the rest of our Christmas decor. I've been a bit slow getting things out this year...whoopsie! :)

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  1. Love it!! And yes, we always get Christmas ornaments wherever we vacation :) It's so fun putting them on the tree every year!


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