There's some coziness going on in there!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our guest bedroom is getting cozy-fied. I'm pretty sure that's not a real word but you get the drift. I previously mentioned that I wanted to make a headboard for the room but then decided I wanted new bedding. Well, I got it! A new duvet cover anyways. Ta-da!

The bedding that we've had in the guest room was pretty but slippery. I'm not sure what the exact fabric was but it's slick and shiny and not very fun to sleep with. You tend to wake up in the middle of the night only to find that the comforter has slid off the bed. Here's a before shot.

The silky fabric caused our guests to end up using a spare comforter and that was just annoying. So now we have this cozy, comfy down blanket with a pretty Ikea duvet. Don't you want to snuggle up in it?!

The shams are a little big so I think I'll try out a king sized pillow in them to get rid of that slouchy look. The main problem I'm having now is sheets. I had purchased some dark purple sheets but they turned out to be WAY too big. Like, thought I bought the wrong size too big. And since I have to return them anyway now I'm thinking if that's really the color I want to use. I'm thinking that maybe just having some cream colored sheets and some pretty colored throw pillows might be pretty? I'm also into purple, that nice teal-y blue color, or a deep red. Plus, I need to paint now, the current wall color is looking a little too gold/yellow in there now. What colors do you think would look good? I'd love to hear your opinion because I'm not so great at color/pattern mixing. :)


  1. If you're not so good with the color mixing, why are you redecorating?

    BTW, it appears that the bedding is more than likely polyester satin and teal-y blue is teal ;]

  2. Sweetie you do not have to be "great" with color mixing to love decorating (or redecorating) :0) Have you thought about gray? Purple and gray are a beautiful color combination :0) Purple and yellow work lovely together as well.


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