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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I finally completed a sewing project! Woot woot!! I knew I needed to start with something simple so I made a new valance for our kitchen window. I don't love valances but in that space it's the best solution since the window is right in front of the sink.

I found the material I wanted to use at Hancock fabric. I liked that it was a simple stripe but also that it incorporated both brown and black together. Our counter tops have both colors and we have accents in the kitchen in both colors but I had had a difficult time when it came to finding the perfect window treatment. Plus the fabric was on sale 40% off. It was a lovely little score!

To make the valance I used our previous one as a template. I cut the fabric piece down to size and then pinned the sides down.

After the pinning was finished I ironed both sides so it was smooth to start sewing. Then I just sewed 'em up. (Well, actually I started to sew the first side, proceeded to break the needle on my machine, then have a slight breakdown because I couldn't get the broken needle off, and finally, quit for the night. Obviously, the broken needle issue has been resolved and sewing can resume.)
Once the sides were sewn down it was time to tackle the top and bottom hems. The top needed to be wide enough to slide the curtain rod through and I just wanted to make sure the bottom hem was wide enough to not look wussy. Again, I used the previous valance as a guide, pinned the fabric, ironed it down, and sewed it.

The first effort of sewing the top hem was not great. So not great that I had to take it all out and start again. I was going for a straight line but ended up with a more hilly pattern. Not cute. But I did better then second time! Win!!! Take a look -

I'm so happy with the result. I know it's not the most amazing project ever but I feel really proud to look at the curtain and know that I made it! My stitches are still not perfectly straight but luckily you can't see them without climbing onto the counter. And if you do that I'll karate chop you in the back of the knee. :) I deem it a successful first effort and hope to keep improving.

Please leave any tips you have for my sewing adventures, I can surely use them! And I'd love to hear about any sewing or curtain projects you've recently tackled.


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