To Rug or Not to Rug?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our entry way rug needed some help. It was a sad, sad situation inside our front door. We'd had this little ol' green rug since we got married almost five years ago, and I actually think that Loren might have had it before that! Anyway, it was way too small, too green, and too ugly.

I'd been on the lookout for something new for awhile and I'm really not sure why I had such a hard time. I knew I wanted something around 3'x5' in size, neutral colors, and hold up well to dirty, wet shoes. I actually had just found one that I liked on good ol' that looked like it'd work.

But it was $65.99. That seemed a bit steep for something that will be used to soak up moisture from wet shoes. So I waited. Then - I was at our local Fred Meyer, a store I very rarely go into, and BAM! A rug twin! The rug is made of jute and cotton which I like. It was $49.99 but on sale 20% off. I think the total was around $44. WIN! Here it is in all it's entryway glory.

There's another but though. I'm not sure I love it. I can't tell if I'm still adjusting to the difference but it seems big. Maybe too big. Then there are moments that I really like it and feel happy to have found it. Sigh. It might help if the thing would just flatten out. So, we'll see what happens with this bad boy. (Like today, I like it.)

I'd love to hear your opinion. Yay or nay? Maybe you'll help me decide if I should keep it or send it back to the store (to be clear, it hasn't had any dirty shoes on it yet!).

*Picture of rugs with different border colors courtesy of


  1. Nice rug, definitely keep it. It's such a drastic change on the floor with the new rug and it also goes so well (color wise) with the black bench and the wicker baskets!

    Jessie from

  2. I think it looks wonderful!

  3. Looks Great! -Blog Stalker Smifff :p


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