Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm so blessed to have the best Mom in the entire world. She is so thoughtful, patient (trust me - they've been tested!), fun, and always supportive. She's the coolest lady. I miss her all the time but especially on days like today when I should be able to give her a big ol' squeeze and says thanks for being awesome.

She plays Rock Band!

She likes watching football (and adopts our Husky team!).

But most importantly, she loves all of us crazy weirdos. And we love her too!

I'm also super fortunate to have a lovely Mother-in-law. I know that's not always the case and I always feel so blessed that she is so sweet to me. And thankful that she gave me my cutie patootie hubby!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! And Happy Mother's Day to all the other wonderful Mom's out there!


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