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Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week after work I decided to make a quick stop into Goodwill. Loren was out of town so I was free to roam around as long as I wanted. I normally don't feel like I'm very lucky at finding good stuff at Goodwill but this time I think I hit that jackpot!

Here's a breakdown of my most exciting purchase was two lamps. I've been looking for a couple lamps for the guest bedroom but lamps are so darn pricey! I was so excited when I found two matching lamps, and even more excited when I saw that they were only $5.99 each! Then, the real awesomeness occurred - they were 50% off!! It was a pink tag sale and my little lamps had pink tags!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Two lamps for six buck-a-roos! Obviously they need a little sprucing but I've already started working on 'em and I'm hoping to be able to share the finished photos with you within the next day or two.

I also found a nice little tray. I'd been trying to find one to use on our coffee table but I wanted it to be cheap and have handles. The only trays I'd been seeing at T.J. Maxx had lots of big rhinestones on them. Not really what I was going for. But this Goodwill treasure with the fruit basket on the bottom? Perfect! :) Obviously it's not looking perfect but the size and price were right. $4.99 before the pink tag discount! Yay! So, we'll see what I can figure out for making this tray a little more appealing.

Next item is this pretty little vase. It was only $2.99!

All our vases are just plain ol' clear glass so I loved this silver one. Super pretty and classic looking. I already filled her up with a bouquet hubby bought me on our weekend trip to Pike Place Market. I love it!

My completely random Goodwill purchase was two shot glasses. One is from Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans and the other is from Myrtle Beach, SC. I picked them up as a silly surprise for Loren since we visited both places this year. He liked 'em!

That's a wrap on my recent Goodwill purchases. I think my total was just under $15. For now, my faith in Goodwill shopping has been restored! I love finding a good bargain! Anyone else found any awesome deals lately? Or do you tend to strike out when it comes to shopping at second-hand stores? Share your stories in the comments.

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  1. Hi Kristen, Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I LOVE thrifting. Picture frames, lamps, and even furnitre are what I usually find awesome deals on. I love those lamps and the pretty silver vase of yours. Great finds!


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