Sand Dollars

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A few weeks ago Loren, my sister, and I took a little drive down to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. It was a beautiful place and we were able to see some amazing sites...including a seal posing on the beach.

While we were there we spent some time searching the beach of sand dollar shells. My sister and I have always liked them so it was really fun to be able to find some ourselves. We brought them all the way home (and they were very stinky!) and started trying to clean the shells. It took forever to let the stink all soak out but it finally did. Now I had to think of something to do with my pretty sand dollars. I decided to frame them! I bought these clearance frames at Target for $2.48.

It was a sweet deal and my only expense for this project. I had three sand dollars and decided to use the smaller two and put them in the double picture frame.

I used the frame insert as a template and stuck some scrapbook paper to it to use as the background for the sand dollars. I just taped it down real simple.

To make sure I lined up the sand dollars evenly I put the matting on the paper so I could line up the shells prior to gluing them down. Then I just put a little circle of hot glue on the back of the shell and stuck them down.

That was it! A simple and quick little project to display our sand dollar treasures. I put the frame on the buffet in the dining room so I'll be able to see it everyday and it'll make me happy.

It was such a fun trip and I'm glad I have something pretty to remind me of it. Anyone make a little display or craft from a trip momento? Share the details in the comments.

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  1. very cool!! You should print all your blogs someday and make a book :)


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