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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We got a new bed! Woohoo!! Okay, I'll calm down a bit now. We've been using a really nice set of hand-me-down furniture since we got married. The set is really nice, good quality, but just not really our style. Plus it didn't really fit in our master bedroom very well. See for yourself...

I tried to work with it since you know, it was free but I was really getting antsy to change up the room a bit. Loren and I discussed building a bed similar to the one built by Katie Bower over at Bower Power but then we found this sucker at Ikea. It has a similar design as the bed we were thinking of building, but we didn't have to build it! So we picked it up and somehow managed to fit it into our little G6 (of course the day we don't drive our SUV we buy a bed) and get home. Then we left the bed in the car for a week. Seriously. I know Loren must've thought I was losing it because normally when I get something new I want to wear it/hang it/see it right NOW. I really struggled with deciding if we were doing the right thing. Get rid of a great, solid piece of furniture for something from Ikea? But in the end we decided to go for it. This isn't our forever home and spending a ton of cash-ola on bedroom furniture just doesn't make sense so the Ikea bed is a good solution for us. All that was left was assembly.

I'm so glad that we decided to go ahead and assemble the bed (and when I say we, I mean Loren). While things look a little hectic right now since the bed is the only new piece of furniture in our room, I can already imagine the finished makeover and it's going to be awesome! :)

Looking a little crazy now huh?! However, now that the bed is in and looking good I'm inspired to get moving with sprucing up the rest of the room. I want to keep the curtains because I like them and stared at them for months before buying them so they'll stay but nothing else in the room is safe. I'd like to get a new dresser that suites our needs a little better, matching nightstands (currently we have a nightstand and a too short table), paint, get rid of the vanity and maybe get a big wall leaning mirror instead, and switcheroo the light fixture. And the good news - none of these things require nice weather because apparently our little corner of the world isn't getting any yet! I have some new bedding to share with you but I just need to get it washed and fluffed up first. :)

Anyone else been working on sprucing up bedrooms? Or maybe buying new furniture? Share the details in the comments below.

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