Photo Wall - Finally!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I have wanted to add a photo wall to our house for a long time. A really long time. But I could never figure out where the best spot was. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and settled on using the hallway upstairs. Obviously the hallway is a good spot, but it's not a high traffic area so I was a little bummed that not many people would see it but decided it was worth it to move forward. Here's the hallway before we got started (well, I'd removed one picture frame already).

I'd found this inspiration picture via Martha Stewart and decided to go with that idea. I knew that Loren would appreciate the somewhat symmetrical design and since I'd need his help with all the hanging him liking the idea is good. :) I picked up a bunch of frames from Michael's, just cheapies made even cheaper with my 20% off purchase coupon! I got the pictures in and started arranging the frames out on the floor.

I tried a couple different patterns but in the end we went with the second layout. There are no pictures of us hanging the frames because well it was tricky. There might have been swear words involved. And minor temper tantrums. And finally Loren just told me to go sit down and he finished all the hanging on his own. He is a good husband. It took a few hours to get them all hung but in the end it was worth it!

It took a little bit of time to get used to but now I love all the pictures! It's so fun to look at them all and see so many nice memories. And the way the frames are hung it's really easy to take the frames down so I can switch out the pictures often which is lovely! So, that's the photo wall adventure. Anyone else have a photo wall they love? I'm sort of itching to put another gallery up somewhere so I'll have to put my thinking cap on.


  1. WOW! Kristen, this looks great! I just found your blog this afternoon and I can't wait to explore it more!!! My husband and I have been in our house for just over a year. Check out my home improvement page here --

    I love the frames!!!

  2. I love it! It gives such a nice clean look to have the edges lined up that way. I'll definitely need to try this.

  3. Yeah! Glad to see someone who actually did this hanging technique! It looks amazing and I can't wait to do it myself someday!


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