Pinterest Challenge - Summertime!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's time for another round of Pinterest Challenge! The Pinterest Challenge is a fun idea created by Katie Bower over at Bower Power and Sherri Petersik at Young House Love to prompt us all to get our booties in gear and start making some of those awesome projects that we "pin" on Pinterest. When the Summer challenge was announced I knew just what I wanted to make...a light for the patio umbrella.

I started the project by spray painting my hula-hoop. I picked up the hula-hoop at Target and used a white spray paint that I already had on hand.

The painting didn't take too long and it helped that it was a nice sunny day so the hoop was quick to dry. I let it dry all day in the sun and then moved it into the garage over night.

The inspiration picture on Pinterest used icicle lights but I knew I wanted to just use a regular strand. I'm a pretty awkward person so I figured if there were lights dangling around over the table I'd find someway to get my hair tangled up in them or something equally lame. No icicles seemed like a safe bet. I picked up this simple strand of lights from Target and wrapped it around the painted hula-hoop. I used a white zip-tie to keep the lights on the hoop (that'll make Loren happy, he LOVES zip-ties).

After the lights were on the only thing left to do was hang it up. These are the supplies that I planned to use:

But it didn't work out as planned. I had planned to use fishing line to create a loop and then hang the hoop from the magnetic hooks, but the magnets just weren't strong enough to hold the weight. I ended up using...more ZIP-TIES! I have to admit, Loren's love of zip-ties is wearing off on me. They're super useful. The zip-ties worked like a charm. My light was in place!

I really can't tell you how much I love this simple little project. It was quick and cheap (that's what she said!), seriously I only spent about $20 bucks. And it looks so sweet at night. We don't really spend a ton of time out on our patio but this light makes me want to. I'm a sucker for some twinkle lights so I'm ready to grab a glass of wine and head on out back! Visitors welcome...byow. :)

So that's my Pinterest Challenge project for this season. Anyone else been inspired by Pinterest lately? It's amazing all the ideas over there!


  1. I love this idea, it looks like it'd be just the right amount of soft glow to get drunk by :)

  2. Too cute! If only we had a patio umbrella...or spent any time in our awesome back yard lol


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