Simple, Sweet, and Sentimental

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A sentimental Christmas tree ornament really is my favorite. Growing up we always had lots of mismatched ornaments and I always thought "when I have my own tree all the ornaments are going to match". And, I did that for hmm, maybe one year. And then I finally realized why my parents kept all those mismatched ornaments around; because they were special and meaningful to them and it's so nice to have a beautiful Christmas tree full of ornaments that make you smile. Anyway, our Christmas tree is also now filled with meaningful ornaments whether they were gifts, hand-me-downs from our family, or we've picked them up along our adventures together; they're special to us and fun to look at every year. I had seen a few wedding related ornaments on Pinterest and decided to make one for myself. A Christmas bulb filled with petals from my wedding bouquet.

To make the ornament, I bought a single somewhat large clear ornament from Hobby Lobby (I think it was $1.00 on sale), some white and silver ribbon, and had my Mom mail me some pieces from my bouquet.

This was literally the easiest project ever, in fact I barely even have any "during" during photos to show you. All I did was remove the top off the ornament and carefully insert the petals from the dried roses and then even more carefully put the dried little purple flowers inside the bulb. Then I just put the top of the ornament back on and tied a little bow to the top.

I also added a ribbon loop to the top so I could hang it on the tree (you could just as easily use a tree hook but we already put ours away).

Then I popped that baby on the tree and stood back to smile. We have lots of beautiful ornaments we received as wedding gifts, but there's something really special about seeing something that was actually part of our wedding on the tree. It makes me feel happy and swoon-y inside.

So that's it, what do you think? I swear our Christmas tree is crooked but I wanted to take a quick picture that showed the new ornament mixed in with our others. Anyone else make any Christmas ornaments this year? Please share in the comments below!


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