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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I wanted to show you a quick little change I recently made to our kitchen towels; just to add a little whimsical touch to them. I decided to add some pom-pom trim to the kitchen towels we already had so this was a cheap project too! The spool of trim was $3.99 at JoAnn's, and I'm sure it was either on sale or I used a coupon.

The first step was to wash all the kitchen towels so they were ready for their makeover. After that I ironed both the towels so the edges were nice and smooth.

Next it was time to get the sewing machine out. My sewing machine and I have a love/hate relationship. When I manage to get that sucker to do what I want, I love it. Otherwise, we're not friends. I also noticed after taking a sewing class with fancy sewing machine that it really does make a difference. Anyway, off topic. I pinned the pom-poms in place along the edge of my towel and was ready to go.

You'll notice that my pins were going in both directions and that's because neither way was working all that well. I started sewing hoping it would somehow work and it did. With no pins at all. The easiest way to sew the trim on was to just go slow and guide it along the edge of the towel. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the sewing but you get the idea; line the two pieces up and sew. :) My lines aren't perfectly straight, but you can't tell one bit. That's my kind of sewing! 

Here's the towel hanging on the oven. I love it!

That's the quick little update I made in the kitchen. It's not a big change but it makes me happy when I see the little pom-poms there. I was thinking that you could easily make these for a housewarming gift for a friend or family member...cheap, cute, and easy! Do you like the new trim? Anyone else been adding trim to their textiles? I feel like I've been seeing pom-poms all over Instagram! 

P.S. Just a quick note about the amount of trim needed - one spool from JoAnn's was enough for one towel, edging both sides. 

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