A Little Bling Never Hurt Anything

Thursday, March 21, 2013

We've been making tiny bits of progress in our master bedroom makeover. Tiny being the keyword. The last update I shared with you included our new dresser and nightstands from the Hemnes line at Ikea.

We're still liking the furniture, the nightstands in particular but I decided I wanted to spiff them up a little bit. Adding new hardware seemed like an easy and reversible change so I set out to find some new drawer knobs. The knobs I ended up purchasing are from Hobby Lobby and they're sporting a little sparkle!

The price tag was just right - $3 each! Even paying $6 each wouldn't break the bank but it's so awesome that Hobby Lobby always has their hardware 50% off! The installation was quick and easy, it literally took about five minutes to install all four of the new knobs. And BAM! Sparkle!

I'm loving the extra little something that the new knobs brings to the room. It's nice to personalize the plain ol' Ikea furniture and make it our own a little bit. (Sorry for the cords in the pictures, but that's real life!) A quick before and after comparison:

Cute huh? Hope you like the little update! We've been getting little upgrades done around the house while we're in the process of pricing out some larger projects to complete over the next few months. Stay tuned! :)

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  1. Great post! I love how just adding a little change to some ordinary furniture can really brighten up a room and add your own touch. I'll have to have a go myself!


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