We got a puppy!

Monday, January 13, 2014

We got a puppy! Most of our friends and family already know that but I thought I'd share the story for those of you who don't or for family that isn't on Facebook (Hi Grandma!). Meet our little monster, Ruby.

Here's the scoop on how Ruby came into our life. Loren and I had been looking for a dog for several months. We searched shelters within about a four hour drive from our house but had pretty specific criteria that we were looking for in a dog. Apparently our criteria was similar to a lot of other people looking for a dog because it was nearly impossible to find a dog that stayed available in the shelter for more than a day. On a whim, I checked out Craigslist to just see what I could find. Turns out there were some Cockapoo puppies just a few miles away. Loren agreed to go take a look...and the rest is history.

How could you not take that sweet little pup home?! We picked her up on September 15. I'm not going to sugar coat it...it was rough going for awhile. Loren and I have spent our marriage with pretty much no responsibility so the adjustment to being on a puppy schedule was a lot to handle. But, we love her so much and can't imagine life without her now. She really is a good puppy and so sweet. She will try to lick anyone she encounters. Even TSA agents. haha! Okay, here comes the photo overload.

Thanks for indulging me with all the pictures. I might be a little bit obsessed and take a zillion pictures of her all the time. Ruby got spayed last week so it's been an adventure to try and keep her from running all over the house. She's also wearing the cone of shame which is pretty adorable. Sookie is still pretty unsure of her feelings on Ruby. She's interested in coming around but then Ruby chases her and Sookie goes back into hiding.

Ruby brings lots of happiness into our home and we love her lots. I'm sure I'll be sharing lots of Ruby updates in the future. xoxo, K

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  1. LOVE her! :) I'm really enjoying your blog posts - I missed them!


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