Quick & Easy Valentine Crafts

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey friends! I wanted to share some super easy Valentine crafts that I made this week.

First up, a heart garland made from felt. I kept seeing these pop-up all over Pinterest and honestly figured that I'd somehow figure out a way to screw it up but it really was EASY! I used a couple felt sheets from Hobby Lobby (they're four for $1) and cut out different sized hearts. I sort of laid the hearts out in a pattern I liked before starting to sew but made adjustments as I went along. I pulled the thread out a couple inches before sewing the first heart and just kept adding more hearts as close together as I could. I kept a few extra inches of thread on the other end too, I tied a knot on both sides. I don't know if that's right, but it worked and was easy. The whole thing took about an hour. And I don't think I swore at the sewing machine once, which might be a new record.

Next was a little heart "bouquet" on the front porch (here's a similar idea). I painted several wood hearts (and sticks to match) that I found at Hobby Lobby. Once the paint dried, I hot glued the sticks to the back and that was it! I planned to use the pot housing dead ferns on the front porch but the dirt was so ugly. I glued some pink filler, crunchy paper stuff onto a paper plate and used it to cover the dirt. It's not perfect, but it worked and didn't cost anything extra. Win!

Last up, was making some heart shaped crayons. I followed the instructions over on Pink Pistachio except I did use a silicone tray instead of a metal tin. Head over there if you're interested in making some lovey crayons of your own. I will say that while cute, they seem very breakable. I've already broke two out of the eight I made which is a little annoying. But they're cute and I have a munchkin in mind that I'm going to give them to which makes me happy! :) This is also something that kiddos could easily help with.

All of these crafts can be done start to finish in less than an hour which gives you plenty of time to get them done before the big LOVE day on Friday! Loren and I are planning a whole Valentine celebrating weekend and I can't wait! xo, K


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