The Color Run

Sunday, May 11, 2014

This morning Loren and I participated in The Color Run for the third year in a row. The Seattle race takes place right at the Seattle Center.

Yes, I do use my sweat band as ear muffs. I have sensitive ears!  It's a fun race that focuses on people having a good time rather than their race time. Plus, there's good music, BUBBLES at the start line, and lots of COLOR! Happiness is inevitable.

The color on the course was different this year, the color stations were using "liquid color" and I have to wasn't as much fun.

In the past when you approach the color station as seen above, there are clouds of color. This cloud. The liquid didn't seem as effective at leaving color either. The course was packed but you passed a lot of pretty parts of the city.

At the end of the race there was the normal, powder color. And, of course the color throw. The best part of The Color Run.

We both had a good time, and I still have some Smurf toned skin to prove I was there. :)


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