Weekend Recap

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This weekend was a perfect blend of getting chores done, having fun, and relaxing.

Friday night we went to a friend's house to meet their sweet new baby. She is beautiful! I didn't snap any pictures cause I was too busy ooo-ing and aww-ing over her but maybe next time.

Saturday we slept in until 11am! I can't remember the last time I slept in that late. The rest of the day was spent lounging then cleaning and taking care of those little annoying projects that never seem to get done. Finally, it was time to head down to Seattle for the UW football game.

It was SO windy out! That area in the photo above is usually a beer garden but it was closed due to weather. You can see that the floor was blowing up from the wind! Nutso! We were freezing by time we left, and our team lost so it wasn't the best game experience ever but we always manage to have a fun time. 

Sunday was laundry and football day. My Pats won big! That made for a nice start to the day. Ruby's the best football watching buddy. 

We took Ruby to the pet store; she gets so excited to get out and about. I also made her pose with our pumpkins outside. So cute.

Loren and I headed down to Seattle again to go see the national tour of Beauty and the Beast. We stopped at one of our favorite sushi places on the way, Sushi Maru. Yummy! 

Yeah, we did some damage there. If you're in the Northgate area check it out. We've never been disappointed there. And since it's conveyor belt style service, it's pretty quick. We headed to the show and managed to get there a little early, which pretty much never happens. Haha! 

We settled into our seats and waited for the show to start. The Paramount Theater is a beautiful venue. I snuck a couple pictures before the made the no camera announcement. :)

 It was a nice weekend that went by way too fast. Isn't that always the case? Hope you all had a nice weekend as well! Thanks for reading! :)

Love, K


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