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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This past weekend Loren and I took a trip to the Seattle area to surprise my sister. It was SO much fun and I'm super happy that we were able to go out for a quick trip. Laura and her boyfriend invited us to their housewarming party and I said to Loren "wouldn't it be fun if we could surprise her and go?!". I looked up tickets and couldn't believe our luck! Seriously, the cheapest flights I've ever seen to Seattle. We booked quickly, let her boyfriend in on our plan and tried to keep our yaps shut for the next few weeks. I've never surprised anyone before, and it's the nicest feeling! It was fun to see her reaction and happiness that we were there to celebrate with her. Priceless!

We were just there for an extended weekend but managed to schedule a few meet ups with our old pals. It was good for the soul (mine at least, Loren probably wouldn't say something so dramatic). Moving away turned out to be so much harder on me emotionally than I ever would have imagined so to see some of my nearest and dearest friends, and know that they were still happy to spend time with me, meant the world.

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I had met a few friends for lunch and afterwards while I was waiting for Loren to wrap up his lunch date I stopped by the Future of Flight museum to take a peek at the flight line where I used to work. It was nice to see all those airplanes lined up again. I maybe cried a little...there was a guy sitting in his car that I'm sure that I was a weirdo. Haha! 

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It's a good day when you get to have lunch and happy hour with people that make you smile and feel happy! I was so grateful to have been able to meet up with them. Friday evening Laura, Diego, Loren and I went wine tasting in Woodinville. No pictures from that...must have been too busy tasting! :)

Saturday we went to one of my favorite places for breakfast, visited another couple friends, and helped where we could to get their house ready for the big party! It was a great party and I think everyone had a fun night.

A small photo shoot on the steps! Hahaha! :)

Love those goofballs!

Sunday we did a little more wine tasting and then went to lunch at a friend's house. We got to meet our friends new baby (adorable!) and see all the other kiddos that we love. Crazy how they grow up so quick! The day went by too quick and before we knew it we were at our last visit and then headed to meet back up with Laura & Diego for a quick snack and to say see ya later.

It was a weekend filled to the brim with love and fun. I try not to be such a sap, but it really did my heart good. And to have been able to make Laura so happy was awesome! I am all heart eyed emojis! :) Thanks for reading! Until next time...


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  1. I love your reference (to emojis) to an reference (an ascii face) to a emotional state.


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