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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Recently my in-laws came to town to visit, they spent several days at my sister in law's house and then came to stay with us in the city for a few days. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone and showing them around the city. 

The boys having a couple drinks at dinner. :)

We went to the Macy's Flower Show. I guess they have it every year at the Macy's on State Street. I had pretty low expectations but it was gorgeous! The theme this year was America the Beautiful so they had displays to represent all the different areas of the US.

This cute little goober posing in the barn. :)

We also visited the Willis Tower Skydeck. It was a somewhat gloomy and drizzly day but we lucked out and managed to get a look around before visibility got too bad. We were able to see Loren's new work building (the red brick one in the photo below), and some other interesting buildings that are part of the Chicago skyline.

The last night they were in town my MIL and I went to the movies while Loren and his Dad went to the Bulls game. After the game we all met up for some happy hour snacks at our favorite local bar, Rudy's.

While it's always fun to play tour guide, I think Loren and I would both agree that the best times spent with visitors are when we're just hanging out together talking and laughing. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next visit!

Love, K

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