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Monday, June 13, 2016

I like to use this blog to give a peek into our lives, which means sometimes it's Loren's time to shine and today is one of those days. Yesterday, Loren completed the Spartan Sprint Race here in the Chicagoland area. I'm so proud of him for finishing this race! I went and watched it might be the one and only time I've cheered for a Spartan.

The course was insane. An approximately five mile run with 23 obstacles along the way. And some of them are apparently so "intense" that you have to wait until you get there to know what it is. (Loren was following the red route)

Honestly, having to get over a wall just to get to the start line would've made my eyes well up with tears but Loren was still smiling as he waited for the run to start.

The viewing areas for spectators wasn't great for the beginning of the run so I didn't see Loren until he was arriving at the 16th obstacle. He was already covered in mud and now had to carry a weighted bag through this wooded area.

The next obstacles I saw him complete were the Herc Hoist and Spear Throw.

I hustled over to the finish area to catch him there. A couple walls to get over, a jump over fire, and he was done.

So muddy.

Like I said, I'm so proud of him for doing this run. It looked incredibly difficult and I totally would've chickened out. He's a tough cookie! Love you sweets!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave Loren a congratulatory comment if you want! :)


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