Wine Tasting on Old Mission Peninsula

Friday, August 5, 2016

While we were in Traverse City last month we were able to get out and do some wine tasting. Is there anything better than time with family and wine?! The wineries on Old Mission Peninsula are gorgeous and so fun to spend time at. Not the best picture, but you can sense our excitement! 

The first winery we visited, and I believe the newest winery on the Peninsula was Mari Vineyards. Mari Vineyards is a beautiful place and the views of East Bay are incredible. You can do a wine tasting flight or grab a glass of wine to sit outside and enjoy the scenery. They have nibbles available too if you need a little snack after all the wine! :) 

We hung out for a bit (and then of course had a little photo shoot) before ending out to the next stop. 

Next up is Bonobo Winery. Bonobo is owned by Todd & Carter Oosterhouse and you might recognize Carter's name from Trading Spaces or other shows he was involved with on HGTV. My cousin and I may or may not have been hoping to meet him and this visit our wish came true!

We got to chat with Carter and his wife Amy Smart, they were so kind and it was really cool. I was totally star struck and didn't contribute much to the conversation but still! :) Bonobo also has gorgeous views and all of the staff are so friendly and knowledge about the wine too. The tasting room is beautiful, has a Restoration Hardware look to it. The staff will also encourage you to bring a game and hang out for awhile, it's a great atmosphere.

2 Lads was the last winery we went to this particular day. The tasting room has a really modern feel to it and is located at the top of a hill that is perfect for rolling down! :) I would not recommend doing this in a dress unless you want the tasting room to see your undies...not that I would know. The wine at 2 Lads was great but the sangria they were serving was AMAZING! They used some Vernors Ginger Ale in their mix and I feel like that was what set it apart.

That was all the wine tasting we could handle for the day but before I left town my cousin and I went to Brys Estate. The first thing we did at Brys was check out the newly opened Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is the CUTEST shop filled with handmade lavender goodies made with the lavender grown on site. The grounds surrounding the shop were beautiful. We were giddy to have found this little gem and ran around admiring everything!

The actual tasting room at Brys was equally gorgeous. The wine was great and then they have a great patio area where you can grab a glass of wine and a snack while enjoying the views.

That concludes our wine tasting adventures on Old Mission Peninsula. It's such a good time and if you find yourself in the area definitely try to check out one or two. Cheers!


*Some of these photos were shamelessly stolen from my cousins. :)

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  1. Ummm So jealous, I LOVE Amy Smart!!! Just Friends is pretty much one of my favorite movies ever. I would have been totally star struck too!! <3 Monica


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