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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A little catch up post. Life lately has been the sort of busy where you're not really sure where all your time is spent, but you know you've been busy. Know what I mean?!

A few weeks ago Loren and I had a couple friends come to visit. My girlfriend from high school came to visit for a night and it was SO MUCH FUN! I hadn't seen her in years, and we picked right back up like we'd been together all along. We spent most of our time just vegging out and gabbing which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. We managed to grab some deep dish pizza and squeeze in a Sephora trip though. :)

Our friend Karl also came to visit and he and Loren went to hockey and footballs games, and ate their way through Chicagoland. Even a trip to White Castle, where I decided to make a castle out of our slider boxes. It was so fun to spend time with such good friends, always good for the soul.

We also went to our local Oktoberfest with my sister-in-law and her hubby. It was a good time!

Around the house we've been working on getting Loren's computer room to be a presentable space. It's almost there, just a few things to hang up still and we're in need of some blinds for the window. You can see the quick DIY pillows I made for the space here. Hopefully we'll have that room "done" within the next couple weeks.

Otherwise I'm getting the house spruced for Fall. I was surprised this year how much more difficult it was to put my decorations up in the new house! I'm so used to putting everything in the same place year after year so having to come up with news plans was tricky. I'll take pictures of that to share soon, here's what our porch looks like at the moment.

Loren says the porch looks like pumpkin patch, but he doesn't know that even MORE pumpkins are coming soon! I can't wait for my big mums to bloom to add some more color, they're going to be so pretty! I think that covers everything we've been up to lately (minus all the football watching), hope you're enjoying the Fall season so far!



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