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Friday, May 19, 2017

I love to read Friday posts that have fun, random information to share so I thought I'd try a similar post myself. Here's a couple things I've been up to lately and some fun things I've been into.

This article from The New York Times about learning to say no. I've read several articles and even a book (it has colorful language but the point is spot on) about how important it is to say no. There are several reasons but what stuck with me the most is that by only saying yes when you want to, you'll do a better job, have more fun, be more pleasant to be around, etc. I have a hard time saying no to things that feel "expected" but then I'm grouchy about having to go. I try to have a good attitude but I wonder if it's sometimes obvious that I'd rather be home chilling out with Ruby. :)

I've been slowing getting into listening to podcasts and LOVE listening to The Popcast every Wednesday. They talk about all things pop culture and it's just so fun to listen to. Especially when Knox and Jamie disagree. You can subscribe to their newsletter (that's actually where I found the link above!) for even more fun in your week.

On Instagram I've been following Alison Faulkner for a few months now and she posts all sorts of fun stuff. BUT, for the month of May she's posting a dance move video daily with the hashtag #idancebecauseimawesome to support Mental Health Awareness month. The videos are fun and make me smile everyday. And I think it's a good reminder that dancing or being silly for a few minutes can do wonders to bring a little joy to your day. Check her out if you haven't!

Last week for me was mainly spent in Michigan celebrating my cousin's birthday and then Mother's Day with Mom. The birthday celebration was super fun! We had a great girls day and a delicious dinner to top it off. :)

For Mother's Day I went with my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt to Grandma's church for a banquet. All the ladies at the church bring food and they had my favorite...taco salad! :) 

I've been reading the Jones Design Company blog for awhile now but for some reason had never checked out the shop. I think I just assumed it would be really pricey so I didn't want to get lured into loving things outside of my budget. However, I took a peek this week and it's SO affordable! She has such cute accessories for your home! I have a few items in my cart...just searching for a couple more things so I can get free shipping. :) Please tell me I'm not the only person that buys more to avoid shipping fees!

That wraps it up! Hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. Next kitchen update coming soon!


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