Summer is over. lameo.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's official. Summer is done. I have to say that this summer was a pretty fantastic one. I feel like I did lots of fun stuff and completed a few things that I really wanted to. I'll just include a few of my very favorite moments.

Numero uno - Laura (my baby sister) graduated high school. It was fantastic. I am so proud of her. It was super fun to be there and her graduation party was also lots of fun. Nice family time. Way to go kiddo! :) Love you millions.

Completing a half marathon. It was AWESOME! I was so impressed with myself...I'm not going to lie. I took a pretty long break after that but have recently started running again. It's been nice. Also completed a 5k and 8k race as well.

Went to Idaho! Another state to mark off my list. It was nice and pretty. Happy I went - likely won't return.

Celebrated 3 years of lovely wedded bliss with my hubby. He's fantastic and I love our life together. xoxoxo - love you babe! <3

Had LOTS of visitors! Laura, Grandma & Grandpa Niece, and Grandma Sandy. It was really nice having family here so much. Loren and I enjoy showing people what our life is like here. Anyone else who wants to visit - come on out! :)

Had my very first SURPRISE PARTY!!! Loren threw me a surprise birthday party. It was super fab. Little Mermaid decor and cake! It was a pool party! With a slide and rope swing! And lots of great friends. I've always wanted a surprise party. Lovely.

All in all it was a fantastic summer. I'm working on making fun plans for fall so I don't start feeling down in the dumps when the rain starts. So's looking good. Hope everyone else had a fab summer - feel free to post a comment with your fav moments. xoxo


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