Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sooooo - Loren and I just went on our first trip to Vegas. It was super fab. So glittery and beautiful!! The weather was amazing. We got to lay out by the pool and soak in the sunshine. We gambled a little...I won two cents. Literally. I was playing a penny slot machine and I left with two extra cents. Better than nothing I say. Loren was slightly luckier but that's always the case.

The whole trip was such an experience. We flew out of this small airport up north. Had to board the plane outside! And from the back of the plane! Super weird. Then you get there and people are slinging hooker cards at you while you walk down the street. Plus the girls in Vegas HOE UP!! I mean the clothing girls wear there is out of control! And like most cases most of these women had no business wearing that little amount of clothing. Oh well - I guess it's good they're ballsy.

Anyway - it was a really good time and I'm so happy to have had a little getaway with my hubby. It was nice to spend some couple time. <3


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