Chelsea Chelsea!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A few weeks ago Loren and I celebrated his spring break by having a Chelsea Handler day. It was an awesome day. First - I woke up super early so I could get to Target when they opened to purchase New Moon. This doesn't have anything to do with Chelsea Handler but it was part of the super fun day! :)

Second - book signing at the University bookstore. The line wasn't too long and it went pretty fast. Here's a pic of me waiting excited-ly in line!!

I actually got to talk to Chelsea Handler! It was only for like 30 seconds but it counts. I mean she said my name!! THAT'S RIGHT!! That's my sleeve while Chelsea talked to me!

After the book signing we wandered around the U-district and downtown shops. It was relaxing and so nice to spend some quality time with Loren.

But then it was time for the grand finale!! The Chelsea Handler comedy show! The show was at the Paramount and it was lovely. She was hilarious!! I'm really glad that we went. It was a really great day.


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