A springtime visitor!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So - I have fallen seriously behind in the blog posts but I think the most important topic to discuss is Laura came to visit! It's been a few weeks now but it was a wonderful time. Whenever Laura comes we always have lots of fun because we don't have to do all the same ol' tourist things that we normally do when visitors come.

This visit our first order of business was making a fort! We decided to make a fort in the living room like we used to when we were kids. We built the fort and loaded it up with pillows and blankets and then proceeded to play some Wii. It was really fun and I'm happy we got to act like kids again.

The rest of the week we just played around. We ate lots of yummy food (including our fav Melting Pot!), watched funny movies, and of course go shopping!

I always miss Laura as soon as she's gone and I just keep hoping that she'll come back again soon. Fingers crossed! Otherwise we'll be waiting until Christmas...lame!


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