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Friday, July 30, 2010

About a month ago I shared that Loren and I were celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary and that we normally make gifts for each other. Well, this year Loren switched it up a little. I'd had my eye on these cute personalized signs from Etsy for a long time; I'd purchased one for a wedding gift and become obsessed every since. A few days before our anniversary Loren approached me and said that he'd done some pricing and thought it might turn out for the best if he purchased my gift this year. I trusted him so I agreed (plus...a gift is a gift!).

We picked it out together and I'm so super duper happy with my anniversary prize! See it for yourself!

Don't you love it?! And the nicest part is that I know we'll have it for a very long time. And it will still be valid once we get into the baby making business. I did have a new dilemma...where to put the sign!?! I tried it out a couple different places but I wanted to make sure that it would be seen often cause I love it so much. Finally, I decided to put it in the entryway...seems appropriate there too. Like a nice little welcome to our home for visitors. Here's a couple before and after shots:

Before -

After -

Whatya think?! I just LOVE it!! And I'm thankful to Loren for getting me such a lovely gift! Oh, and in case you're wondering, we purchased the sign from a shop called A Simple Impression on Etsy - check them out. It's my second purchase from them and both have been awesome!


  1. I LOVE,LOVE it!

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