Paint Job

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another project I tackled while Loren was gone last week was painting the living room. That's right...all by myself. Furniture moving and the whole bit. I had recently started feeling like the paint in our living room was a tad too dark. Well, not too dark just the exact same color as the furniture and I thought a little bit lighter would look nice. Plus, the walls were starting to show some wear and tear - we hadn't painted since we moved in almost four years ago.

Here's a couple before shots:

I didn't manage to get any during shots. I mean, really there's not a lot to share about painting steps but I was determined not to use any painter's tape. Mostly because I figured it would take longer to tape and then go back to cut in with the paint. The main reason is because I suck at taping. But after approximately 3.5 hours of pain staking cutting in with my ever dependable Purdy paint brush. I got the rolling done and thankfully I only needed one coat of paint since I finished this project around midnight. The end result was well worth it...see for yourself.

The second picture shows both of the colors - old color on the right side, new color on the left side with the picture frames. I'm really pleased with the results and happy that I got it done. And I know Loren is happy it's done and he didn't have to help! :)


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