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Monday, July 26, 2010

While Loren was gone last week I decided to tackle a few home projects. Sometimes its easier for me to work when he's not around to distract me with his cuteness! :) I'd been wanting to put in a pendant light above our kitchen sink and decided to take the plunge. We have recessed lighting in our kitchen so I wasn't exactly sure how to do it but figured going to Lowe's was a good start.

And what do you know?! Lowe's had just the product I needed! A recessed lighting conversion kit! WAHOO!! I should've bought a lotto ticket the same day because I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find such an easy solution. I also picked out a shade that I thought would look good with the rest of our kitchen decor.

I got the pieces out and looked over the directions. It was a super easy installation. First, you just remove the existing light bulb. Then you unscrew the cord stopper from the new pendant fixture and unscrew this little piece on the back cover. This allows you to adjust the cord length to whatever you need for your area. Once you're done adjusting the cord length then you screw the white plastic screw back into space.

Next step is to hang the electrical fixture into the existing light socket. It goes in just like a light bulb would - easy peasy. Sorry about the not great picture, I was standing on the counter and trying to balance the light and hold the camera...it was a little tricky.

Then you push the pendenant base up to cover the plastic from the recessed lighting hole. Once you've lined it up you tighten the cord stopper which holds the base in place on the ceiling.

All that's left is to install the shade. It goes on just like any other shade/bulb - there's a plastic ring that is removed and then replaced to hold the shade in place. That's it! All done!

I really like it, and it was such a simple spruce up. It casts a pretty glow in the kitchen without being overpowering. The longer it's up and on the more I like it!

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  1. Love it! I've been trying to firgure something out in our kitchen over the sink for forever bc we have the ugliest light ever. (just a construction grade yucky thing). Luckily its not visible unless you stand right under it...but this is a great solution! Thanks for the inspiration!


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