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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love making cupcakes. They are easily my favorite thing to bake. I was recently inspired by a post by Mara over at What's for Dinner? and thought I'd try out the idea for the Fourth of July. I had already purchased my usual holiday themed Funfetti mix so I just tweaked it a little.

I made the cupcake batter as directed on the lovely Pillsbury box and then got to coloring! First thing I did was separate some of the batter into two additional bowls. Then I used my icing dye to dye the batter. It was easy, I just scooped a little pinch of dye (it's kind of a jelly type substance) into the batter and then blended it with my hand mixer. I did this for both red and blue.

Next up was filling the cupcake holders with batter. I attempted to follow Mara's directions and just layer the batter into an almost bullseye pattern. I ran into a slight problem here because I didn't have even amounts of all the colors of batter. A small oversight on my behalf...whoopsie! So I just filled them randomly with a little bit of all three colors. Then I popped them in the oven.

They came out looking pretty good! I frosted them and sprinkled some festival sprinkles on top and these bad boys were ready to eat.

Not only did they look pretty but they tasted yuuuummmmmmy! I still want to try the rainbow version that Mara made. What do you think? Did anyone else make any 4th of July special treats?

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  1. Hey, I just randomly found your blog. Cute cupcakes! ^_^


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