A few things I'm wishing for

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've really been trying to not buy lots of semi-unecessary items in an effort to save some cash before vacation. I'm pretty sure that the more I try NOT to buy things the more I find that I want. Here's a few things that I currently have my eye on:

photo credit: ZGallerie

The main problem with this chair (other than being $300!) is that I have NO place to put it. But I love it. Think it's beautiful. And I think it would look lovely in my home...if I could find a place to put it.

photo credit: Ramona Owens Designs on Etsy

I love this pillow. And really want it for my bedroom. I think it'd look just great in there. Plus, it says love on it. Seems pretty appropriate to me!

photo credit: ZGallerie

Another ZGallerie treasure. These are on sale for $14.99...I really should just buy one or two. I love them. They're starry and sparkly looking which is basically everything I look for in an accessory! :) And I think they would look super pretty once you had a candle burning and flickering off the mirrored pieces. Ooh-la-la!

photo credit: West Elm

I really love this light fixture but again have no place to put it. Maybe if I completely re-did the dining room I could make it work in there but that's not likely to happen. So this puppy will remain eye candy for me.

photo credit: Swarovski

I may have gotten a little off course with this but it is BANANAS (said in my best Rachel Zoe voice). I saw it in a magazine and instantly fell in love. I want it. BAD. It's a little pricey for me though so I'm not getting my hopes up...but if it magically appeared in my Christmas stocking this year I would NOT be sad (hint, hint hubby!).

Anyone else have their eye on something lovely? I'm hoping to pick up a few of these things within the next couple months...


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