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Monday, August 9, 2010

I subscribe to a number of different magazines, five different mags to be exact. I love magazines and getting mail so subscriptions are a win-win for me! Plus, if you buy the mag on a regular basis subscriptions are WAY cheaper. I also tend to purchase a few extra glossies from time to time when there's something special in them like, Carrie Underwood's GORGEOUS wedding in People or Courteney Cox looking amazing on the cover of In Style. Anyway, all these magazines were starting to become a problem around the house. I had such a hard time just throwing them in the recycling bin because there'd be a good article, interview, or inspiration photos that I wanted to peep again someday. Tricky business...

A lovely friend of mine was creating a 'Mega-Mag' by gluing pages from magazines into another mag that she wanted to keep know, gluing over ads or other ugly stuff. I tried that but wasn't having much I came up with a new idea (well, to me anyway). I got a standard three-ring binder and some page protectors and went to work. Now I just cut out pages or even just small pieces that interest me and put them in the sheet protectors to keep them pristine. And they're all in one convenient binder! It works perfect for me! I have the super beautiful Alexis Bledel on the outside cover of my binder and here's a peek at a few pretty things from inside too!

Since my magazine subscriptions have been steadily increasing I would get a little behind in cutting out articles that I wanted to keep so I re-purposed this basket that used to hold scarves and hats to hold magazines that need to be cut and my binder all in one place. The basket fits perfectly in a little nook in my bedroom so it's not visible to anyone just passing by which is nice.

This system works great for me and I really enjoy being able to look through my favorite pages again. Plus, using the sheet protectors makes it really easy to get rid of things that no longer interest me. Anyone else have a good magazine organization tool? Please share!


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