Organization Week: Bedroom Closet

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our master bedroom closet has gotten a little out of hand lately. I used to have it all organized but that's definitely not the case anymore. Empty shoe boxes stacked up, purses thrown on a shelf so that when you grab one they all fall down, and jewelry, scarves, and belts all sharing one set of hooks. Definitely a mess.

(Sorry the photo quality isn't the greatest - I had to use my phone and had already organized before I realized the pics were bad!)

To start I organized all the clothes according to type and color. That's typically how I decide what to wear in the morning...shirt sleeve length then color so this type of organization made sense to me. Then I did the same thing with our sweaters that are folded on the shelves.

I took out all the empty shoe boxes. I have no idea why I'd collected so many! Especially since some were for sneakers; I defintely don't store those in their box. This opened up a lot of space on our very top shelf. It's not super conveient to have items stored up there so I'm just enjoying the open space for now.

Going through all of our work out clothes and pajamas turned out to be quite a task. We have a gazillon free t-shirts it seems like. I ended up going with one drawer for shirts, one for shorts, and the last one for pants. Some of the extra items got moved to one drawer in the guest bedroom.

The reorganization of our pajamas allowed me to repurpose the pink storage box for my purses! Perfect! It corrals them all nicely and I can still see them to know what's what. Now they won't be falling on my head though. Lovely.

A few new things I added are a container for buttons and another for scarves. I have always been at a loss for what to do with all the spare buttons that come with clothing. It seems risky to throw them away, especially if they're somewhat unique but keeping track of all these random buttons can also prove challenging. I thought having a little container right there in the closet would be a perfect solution.

The next container is just a small bin to hold scarves. I had previously thought that I enjoyed having them hang but it always looked a bit crazy. Now they're all tucked into this little bin but still easy for me to see and grab.

I also organized our belts a little better on the hooks since all my jewelry was gone. Now I can actually see my belts!

And here's a sneak peek at my newly organized jewelry board (post all about that on Friday)! It's tucked behind the door but it looks nice and I think Loren appreciates not having to see my gems all the time.

It looks so much better in there and it's actually easy to get dressed in the morning since I can find everything so quickly! So far I've been able to maintain the organization and keep things tidy, hope that keeps up! What about you guys? Any tips for keeping your closet under control? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. do you have a twin??? i thought you were on vacation! :)


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